An enjoyable breakfast or brunch omelette with tasty, protein-rich Century Tuna, aromatic onion leeks and yummy potatoes.‎

Lowland vegetables stewed with bagoong (fish or shrimp paste) and tuna flakes. A classic Filipino dish.

Traditional Filipino dish with a twist. Hearty tuna soup with sayote and ginger.

Dill-flavored tuna salad and fresh, crisp veggies wrapped in soft tortilla.

A popular dish made of tofu and Sichuan spices, usually with pork but now healthier with tuna.

French-style takeaway sandwich with tuna, veggies and Dijon vinaigrette stuffed into a crusty sourdough loaf.

Gratinated butterflied prawns with tuna in creamy, white wine sauce.

Tsinoy steamed rice-cake filled with saucy tuna.

Rolled flour tortilla stuffed with spicy tuna, cheese, bell peppers and cilantro then fried to a crisp.

An Italian antipasti; open-faced toast topped with tuna, artichokes, olives and feta.

Mantou or steamed buns stuffed with tuna and tasty pickled mustasa with anise-flavored sauce.

Fried rice with tuna spiced with annatto (atsuete) oil to give it a vibrant orange color and an appetizing aroma and flavor.

Meaty tuna burgers with a burst of juicy, grilled pineapples with every bite.

Broiled open-faced sandwich of aromatic tuna and mayo mixture on baguette slices.

A healthier version of kare-kare with tuna and mixed seafood in a hearty peanut sauce.

Japanese-inspired bread rolls stuffed with sweet peppers, green onions and Century Tuna.

Known for its signature anchovies and olives, this is a French-inspired pizza.